Okay, the Radar forking TITLE says, “Superstar ACTOR...” so we can cross off anyone who is not an actor. Eesh...Here’s the other pertinent details in the article:

“A-list star

abuse for almost three decades.


one of the most recognizable faces in the industry.

pedophile who raped the teen prodigy.(Haim)

one of the biggest pedophile scandals in America’s history.

star behind the family-man facade

“kingpin” of a child sex ring

open secret among so many in the biz

powerful man

household name and revered by millions around the globe

abuse on/off set, parties, trailers, used drugs

use his star power to intimidate, threaten, and muzzle those around him

The identity of the A-List individual at the center of Haim’s second nightmarish abuse occurred when he was in his mid-teens.

still “prominently in the business” today.

ruled the corridors of power in Hollywood

he was — and still is — so powerful that he feared he would ruin his career.”

aren’t the perfect family-friendly individuals that the industry portrays them to be.”

the likes of Bill Cosby

“This individual should be quaking in his boots. Their life is about to come crashing down.””