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Strongside/Weakside: Trevor Siemian #2

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Second-year quarterback Trevor Siemian has quickly established himself as the Denver Broncos’ starter with three straight wins. Is he any good?



Soaked up all the knowledge he could in the fleeting time he had with Brock Osweiler


Naturally athletic build is ideal for absorbing blunt force trauma

Jersey sales already rank in top 20 of the entire Broncos roster


Intact vertebrae quickly won him respect of teammates

Still has 15 years of NFL eligibility left

Hasn’t given public reason to hate him as a human being yet


Seven-step drop renders him unconscious from Mile High oxygen deprivation


Plays with the confidence of someone with Northwestern degree to fall back on

Has yet to learn difference between coach Gary Kubiak’s happy scowl and angry scowl


Needs more time to mature into full-fledged disappointment

Learned kick-holder duties for nothing

Still enjoying little honeymoon phase before defenses get enough game tape to destroy him

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