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Season 3 , Episode 22



Steven Universe


Season 3 , Episode 21



“Bismuth” might have been the first double episode Steven Universe, but tonight’s episodes are much more of a standard TV two-parter, with one episode of setup for a climactic showdown. As in most such cases, the payoff is pretty good, but the setup is even better. “Beta” takes its time laying groundwork for Steven, Amethyst, and Peridot’s showdown with Jasper, but that’s okay, because Hilary Florido and Lauren Zuke turn the bulk of the episode into an incredible showcase for Lapis and Peridot.


We’ve spent some time with both Lapis and Peridot individually over the course of the past three weeks, but we haven’t gotten a chance to see their new living arrangements in the barn. It’s amazing. It turns out that Lapis and Peridot have become really good roommates, partly because Lapis has been infected with Peridot’s love of Camp Pining Hearts, which is constantly playing at the barn. Their energies balance each other out consistently, to great comedic effect—Lapis coolly refuses to fly Peridot, Steven, and Amethyst into the barn, but she also sweetly picks up a tambourine and helps Peridot play music and makes water come out of the toilets for one of their collaborative pieces. Because, oh yeah, they’ve turned the barn into an art gallery.

Peridot had a great idea: “What if we made music, but instead of sound, we used things?” Steven correctly points out that they have discovered art (it seems like Gem society has music and paintings to pay homage to the Diamonds, but less going on in the way of installations and performance pieces), but Lapis’ name for it is much better: meep morp. They have all kinds of morps, from Peridot’s toilet piece (commemorating when she lived in the bathroom) to Lapis’ hanging baseball gear, which reminds her of the time she played baseball. Lapis has also set up a bunch of monitors playing Percy from Camp Pining Hearts saying “I feel trapped” on a loop. Is that about how she spent thousands of years encased in a mirror, then another period of time stuck at the bottom of the ocean as Malachite? “No, I just really like that show.”

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