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Code Switch
Reporting While Brown In The Summer Of Trump

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Journalists who cover Donald Trump rallies describe an Orwellian feeling of being jeered and berated as “dishonest,” apropos of nothing, in front of thousands by a man who lies through his teeth for 90 minutes on end. Thoroughly fact-checking and reporting on the presidential candidate while maintaining impartiality is challenging for any reporter, but for persons of color, commenting on Trump’s unfounded ideas concerning race can be akin to fire-walking. This week, Shereen Marisol Meraji and Gene Demby chat with La Opinión political correspondent Pilar Marrero and Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery about their philosophies for writing about a post-fact politician in the age of vicious instant feedback. Like David Axelrod’s excellent conversation with Jorge Ramos on The Axe Files last year, this episode also highlights the unique advocacy model Latinx-aimed media outlets can take versus the verb-perfect tightrope approach taken at the Post. Along with the NPR Politics Podcast, Code Switch is one of the rare programs that can prod the most challenging social issues in a way that keeps listeners’ blood pressure at bay.
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The Cracked Podcast
The Best Fictional Universe To Be A Corpse (Live)

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This week’s episode of The Cracked Podcast explores the murky depths of the afterlife at lightning speed with endless fun. Michael Swaim is joined by special guest cohost Daniel O’Brien and comedian and artist Ramin Nazer to discuss the often bizarre beliefs of ancient religions on what happens after death and who they’d haunt if they came back as ghosts. They also explain their perfect afterlife scenario. As this is a live episode, they also get some input from the audience, who is refreshingly comfortable and easy to listen to. The hosts and guest hurtle through some of the most and least appealing depictions of the afterlife in pop culture, explore the idea of what purgatory might look like, and discuss the possibility of the singularity. It’s a conversation ripe with interesting perspectives and finds amusing moments where one person’s heaven is another person’s hell. Quick-witted as they are, the three are able to get through countless complex ideas, references, and revelations without pause, and they have fun doing it.
[ Rebecca Bulnes ]


We see what you said there

“Why do we think our plane’s going to be on time? Why do we think it’s going to land on time? And why do we think that we’re going to get all our luggage? Because we may not. Actually, when I go to the airport, I expect sometimes to not get my luggage. I expect sometimes to arrive late, maybe even miss my flight. I expect this, so when it happens, it’s not a surprise.”
—Dr. Robert Puff on his life philosophy, The Happiness Podcast 


“But what good are muscles if one does not use them / And I use mine to kick / I’ll kick your foul heart / I’ll kick your dumb face / I’ll kick you right in the dick.”
—Tim Ryder as D’Athaniel Quen’yarvin, Hello, From The Magic Tavern

“I’m going to tell you right up front, Warren Beatty is one lousy Dick Tracy.”
—Author Garyn G. Roberts pulling no punches, The Projection Booth


“He’s kind of in love with Danny Glover. He’s got a crush on him. A killin’ crush.”
—Stephen Sajdak on Predator’s taste in action heroes, We Hate Movies

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